13 thoughts on “Kenny Dalglish sacked – bring rafa benitez back to liverpool fc?

  1. Brendan Rodgers has turned down an approach from Liverpool. The Swansea City manager was invited to be interviewed for the position to replace Kenny Dalglish but he has declined on the basis that Liverpool should be fully aware of what he brings to the table without the need to be part of a process that looks set to involve quite a list of candidates. Pep Guardiola, Fabio Capello, Roberto Martínez and André Villas-Boas are all under consideration

  2. your a fucking idiot, regurgitate your idiotic media matchet men, rafas cerebral nature, knowledge and integrity are unsurpassed, it is you and your fellow machet men who contribute to hasty decisions by the ignorant men upstairs that deprive liverpool of continuity.

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