10 thoughts on “Boys from the Black Stuff (1982) – Yosser’s Story

  1. and Britain 2012. the workers paying tax to fund the lifestyle of the scroungers and immigrants following 13 years of New Labour. even grimmer than Thatcher

  2. have had to conduct a number of analytic essays that focus on the scene with the Doctor about 40 minutes in…almost done now haha

  3. Good analysis,are we what we do?,if so, is that all we are?,or does one just accompany the other to make up the whole person?.I just wonder.

  4. Stunning – Brilliant – both writing and acting, If you lose your identity, you are truly lost. A brilliant evocation of someone trying desperately to keep his sanity. “I’m Yosser Hughes” is the point of this story. He tried to hang onto his identity.

  5. My God! I’d forgotten just how brilliant this series was. I’ve just sat here watching this episode with all kinds of emotion flowing through me; from laughing out loud to sobbing and crying. This was jaw-droppingly great television written by the brilliant Alan Bleasdale. 1982 in Britain under Thatcher was very grim indeed…..believe me. Off to Amazon now to buy the DVD

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