The striker of Leeds United, El Hadji Diouf, has said that Steven Gerrard is an egotistical man and the senior players of Liverpool don’t like him at all.

Diouf is a former Liverpool player. He had signed for Liverpool in 2002 and then, took a transfer in 2004. His tenure at Liverpool wasn’t successful at all and the Senegalese striker was able to score only 3 goals in 80 matches that he played for The Reds.

The current captain of Liverpool, Steven Gerrard, had criticized Diouf in his autobiography which was published in 2006. Gerrard wrote, “Diouf was not my favourite player for sure. I didn’t like his approach towards the game. He was not friendly in nature and generally liked to be alone.”

“On the field also, his approach was pretty casual. I never saw him giving his 100% for the team. He was not attached to Liverpool by heart.”

When asked about those remarks of Steven Gerrard, Diouf said, “Everybody in this world is free to put forward his opinion. What Gerrard said was only his opinion. I don’t care about those remarks.”

“The Brazilian legend Pele has included me in his list of top 100 players of the century. Gerrard has not got a place in that list. If my approach had not been right towards the game, such a legend would never have included me in his list.”

“I have never met a person as egotistical as Gerrard. There are a number of players in the Liverpool squad who don’t like Gerrard at all. I don’t want to take the name of those players publicly.”

“Frankly speaking, I don’t care much about what other people are saying about me. I just want to focus on my game and contribute for my team.”