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  1. Thanks to all you that liked my comment, at the end of the day gareth barry is shit and alonso is the dogs, i have a lot of time for rafa but he drove alonso away

  2. As an American, I got a late start on my football education, I didn’t follow European football until I was in my 20s. Xabi was my first favorite footballer and is my still my favorite. He is a big reason why I’m a Liverpool fan. I would love to have him back in the red shirt at some point before his career is over.

  3. Damn! I still miss this guy wearing red shirt and play in the middle of Liverpool squad!!

  4. he has told lfc tv in a recent interview that he could come back in the near future

  5. Real madrid ain’t the same team without him in midfield…tells you how good this guy is..scousers let a gem go

  6. xabi alonso is my love omg. i love xabi alonso i love xabi very much…

  7. I would drive to Madrid myself to bring Xabi Alonso back, he is an absolute hero!! Not just for all the amazing performances he gave us, but how he respects and supports the club even now, it seems like every few months he has something lovely to say about the club, the city or the fans 🙂

  8. christ knows why we sold this guy….. was a serious turning point downwards…..

  9. mascherano is easily the 2nd best outta dem 4……….. poulsen is horrible meireles is comin good and maxi is alright….. idiot for thinkin mascherano aint needed…….

  10. Hello. I am a 14 years old. I’m a girl, I’m from Barcelona and my favorite team is Real madrid. Xabi Alonso is one of the best I centre campers that I have seen in my a few years of life. Since it shoots the lacks, the passes in depth and the corners. I have a dream it is of knowing Xabi Alonso in a person. (I’m sorry, my English is BAD) Thanks u.


  11. Im thinking, liverpools new owners..new money.. although liverpool is failing atm, and hes at a top club thats doing great, i wonder if Alonso would think about rejoining his old comrades, 08/09 was a great season with gerrard, torres, alonso, kuyt, reina etc. at their finest! It might be a reality..hopefully.

  12. @Anderthalb why the hell would you consider mascherano good? with the likes of poulsen meirreles gerrard and maxi…mascherano isnt needed

  13. neville vs alonso .. lmfao .. r u kidding me .. only 1 winner .. and hes a spaniard..

    Xabi .. we love u .. lfc 4ever .. plz come bk

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