23 thoughts on “Liverpool’s Momentum Is Being Threatened By Missed Targets + Sammy Lee Was Pushed Out – Rory Smith

  1. @19Wylds95 Word is deals are in place for these three players.

    Downing has handed a transfer request in & is set to meet with Randy Lerner on Tuesday.

    Adam is all but concluded.

    Enrique is done but is dragging on. Rumour has it they want Spearing for a season loan too + the money.

    BIG bonus rumour is Mata to Liverpool is a goer.

    Watch´╗┐ this space.

  2. @danny553 Well one positive is I can hardly in one million years see Mata joining Arsenal – not when Cesc, Nasri & clichy are leaving. So here’s hoping on that boy.

  3. sorry but missing out on wickham , young, jones and marveaux aint the biggest blow.. come on… there are players out there that are equvilient to them players…. come on the transfer market aint closed yet so “Juan Mata” is on par or better than young in my opinion… but am not the manager so :

  4. He says that Lverpool need to start closing some of the deals they are entering because the loss of momentum threatens to derail the progress that has been made thus far.

    Up until now, Liverpool have for different reasons missed out on Phil Jones, Ashley Young, Sylvain Marveaux & now Connor Wickham.

    That says Rory is a trend that needs bucking asap.


  5. In this interview, carried out by Danny Kelly, Rory Smith of the Times tells Kelly that in his opinion Sammy Lee did not leave Liverpool Football Club of his own volition, but instead was pushed.

    Rory also tells how missing out on Connor Wickham to Sunderland is a “blow” to Liverpool FC.

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