25 thoughts on “Former Liverpool FC boss Rafa Benitez at the Hillsborough memorial service

  1. @redsforeverrrrrrrrrr exactly, they give off to us for shouting munich, which i do not like one bit, but its ok for them to chant things about hillsborough, i mean whats that all about

  2. @mwillis1000 When did I say we weren’t terrible last season? I support my team through thick and thin no matter how bad or good they play. But this is another example of your obsession with us so you just carry on reading what you wanna read mate.

  3. dont turn this into debate whether he is good or not he loves liverpool as a liverpool fan i can see that and also liverpool fans will always love him…if you are not a liverpool fans go comment about the club you support

  4. rafa benitez is a cancer to football he left liverpool with a bunch of headless chickens :L ngog,lucas,kuyt and the rest :L

    it will take king kenny a few years of rebuilding to fix rafa’s mess 🙁

  5. FUĊK MAŇ I know. But héy, do û wănt to watćh ŦV on ur ΡC

    Yóu’ll gėt ăll the SKŶ CHAŇNĖLS there is

    ĄND fróm any cõuntry IŇ THĖ WORLD, ón yõur pc scrėen!!!!

    Gõ tó this síte…


    (DELETĖ the β)

    chéck it óut……………its coól, i’ve gót it mysélf.

  6. coming from a united fan, i have gained huge respect for rafa showing how much he still loves liverpool, the fans and what the club stands for and the same goes for the fans towards rafa. This is what football is about. respect

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