25 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez Owns Xabi Alonso & Marcelo

  1. sorry i took so long i usually don’t reply to tools like u but on the other hand my friend im preety sure i am going to see Madrid lift some trophies so im not really worried……..

  2. lol you only took a month to reply with this fucking pathetic comment!! i couldnt care less if madrid had a thousand titles more than barca the thing is you barely saw them won a few of those whilst i have been watching barca lift them every single year, so ask me what i would prefer? to know my squad has more titles or the fact that i can see them lifting them? the answer shouldnt be hard even for you my friend!! lol

  3. okay here are my facts Barcelona has not beaten Madrid in clasico’s they are both tied at 81, second of all Madrid has won more Liga’s and more Champion League’s than Barcelona, why do u think they were named the team of the century??? you are an imbecil please get ur facts straight and then we can talk

  4. 1)Barca has more titles overall than madrid TRUE STORY search it up, 2) Barca has won more classico´s overall TRUE STORY search it up 3) u wanna talk about paying refs search on google HISTORIA NEGRA DEL REAL MADRID, 4) u wanna talk actors then talk about gaynaldo , dive maria would be second, pepe not only dives he really is a disgrace to football i dare you to say otherwise, marcelo, carvahlo arbeloa elbows and stompings are not a disgrace to u right?? lol deluded

  5. history is club’s most precious valuble….and we beat you in that …we have won more classico’s…more league titles and way more CL….get over yourself kid…now fuck off please…bye

  6. ah, madridistas bragging about something they never saw lol, you really think that something ive never seen its gonna affect me? bitch think again, actually its a bit amusing seeing u guys talk about something that was in white and black while Barca destroys u in bright HD colors faggot! about the hallways do a lil research stupid fuck! also trying to bash me with CDR when barca has humiliated you time and time again is a little pathetic. Get smarter cock lover!

  7. bitch please we have way more trophies than you and we fucked you in the copa del ray previous season…so suck on dick…we have won way more classicos than you …remeberthe hallway…remember 11-1 …GTFO BITCH

  8. yeah you may win the league, but its a lie of a league, i dont know how satisfied madridistas will be knowing they couldnt beat barca once, plus lost a title already to barca and kicked out by barca in copa del rey and if we meet again in champions league you will lose again! so enjoy that bro! yeah we down by ten points, but your down by how many titles? BITCH dont reply!! but hace a nice cock sucking life 🙂

  9. wow what a nice comeback… you want a medal for that….KEYBOARD WARRIOR…now don’t reply dumbfyck..10 points hala madrid..suck on that bitch

  10. wow what a nice comeback… you want a medal for that….KEYBOARD WARRIOR…now don’t reply dumbfyck..10 points hala madrid..suck on that bitch

  11. lol I think you are a faggot, you keep constantly defending ronaldo like he was your boyfriend, I think you like to see him in pink shirts and flowers on his ears lol. I don’t talk to queer cock loving homos like you so, have a nice cock sucking life and bye..

  12. yeah well cr7 gets shit at every stadium and he always controls his anger and never hits player…messi gets shit in one stadium and he hits their fans…other than that he and dani alves and busqeuts are whiny bitches and the pay the refs so stfu…messi is a really horrible person…SU FUCK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY 🙂

  13. shut the fuck up, dont come here with ur bias shit and try to make cr7 look like an angel when he is clearly not!! he is in fact much worse than messi, he has said in press conference that people that sing messi’s name when he is playing with portugal are “subnormales” which means something like retarded, he has given the finger to bosnia fans and much more so shut ur face, messi did something in the pitch when he was being constantly fouled by madrid players and angry, but not cr7!

  14. it was his first game and against real madrid,the guy was the best in italy la gazzeta delo sport said that and now he’s playing for barcelona…

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