25 thoughts on “20120114 Sami Hyypia back to Anfield

  1. He will be. LIVERkusen 5th at the table atm. In 10 years, Sami will be there.

  2. I do watch the games Downing provided 5 – 10 cracking balls into the box a game but none were converted because of his lack of positioning skills but when he comes back he will be more experienced and hopefully able to get on the end of the crosses provided. As the Euros showed he has the quality just not the consistency.

  3. Downing is probably one of the best crossers of the ball at Liverpool I loved big Andy most people did but he needed to be able to finish the crosses if he had no one would think Downing was crap or that he was a waste of money when he comes back (hopefully) he’ll be twice the player.

  4. true legend, true gentleman, great defender and forever a scouser. Sami, welcome home. YNWA

  5. I wonder whether Torres will get the same rousing reception at Anfield next time he turns up.

  6. I was at the match and believe me, Sami coming out was the best bit of the whole two hours!

  7. He has scored quite a few this season already. Considering how little he has played and how shitty service he has been provided. Against Bolton, he played well, and that is the Carroll we thought we would have when we bought him. He doesnt have the speed , nor the skills and reflexes to take on defenders without losing the ball, he is a fucking target man. And he is way better than Heskey, stop kidding yourself. With fans like you, who needs the mancs.

  8. not only he cant score, but he can’t make a run properly and all these basic stuff like passing, first touch, etc and he has no intention of taking on a defender with his physical strength the only way he can get away is by falling to the ground asking for a freekick! not to mention his poor workrate he just stand still waiting for the ball… now how the hell would you support that kind of player that wearing a LIVERPOOL NUMBER 9 SHIRT! Tbh with you Heskey is way better!

  9. He lacks self-confidence , yes, but who can blame him if ‘fans’ like you slade him all the time. How can he prove himself when there are no proper crosses into the box. And since when has Downing cross 5 or 6 qquality balls into the box.

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