25 thoughts on “Xabi Alonso Vs USA

  1. @PoKerFaceN1 We got it drummed into out heads that soccer is the name of the sport from I dont know who, but its futbol to me. Ah, we’re ignorant and dont care about the sport. I know some do but most dont. I have a lot of hope in Jurgen Klinsmann that he’ll help bring back some sense to the US. I cheered for both teams because my father’s side is Spanish and I lived here my whole life. I knew that the US would not have won but I just wanted to see a good game.

  2. @brahim121985brahim i might be living in spain but name is frederick francis squire naranjo born and educated in london british father and a catalan mother and i hold a british passport my friend. and yes barca beat madrid 5 nil and they deserved it. i do not support barca or madrid but am a fan of football the only point i am making my friend is get your facts straight before you make statements and mix politics with sport and no i find your comments rather strange

  3. @fredinaranjo i saw your channel you are from spain, so i understand that your commentis not strange, caus you are the one who took 5-0 from barca this year right ???

  4. @brahim121985brahim

    Post Franco era Real Madrid CL 1981 Final, lost to Liverpool, 1998 winners, 2000 winners, 2002 winners, and 12 semi finals(more than 50%)(22 in total), UEFA Cup winners 85, 86, La Liga 15 times (31 in total) I make that nearly 50%, 5 copa del rey, 8 Spanish Super Cups, 1 UEFA Super Cups

    Your talking out of your butt buddy! Going on about Franco. I think your 90% formula is a little out.

  5. Can you idiots stop with your Barca vs Madrid comments? I am a Madrid fan myself but it gets so old. Admire and talk about the reason WHY the video was made: Xabi Alonso.
    He is the best midfielder I have ever seen. He is tacticaly perfect, he uses both feet, his passing range is unlimited and he is a leader in the field. He would be a starter at any Club or National Team.

  6. Here, in Brazil, the Defensive Midfielder position is called VOLANTE. For me Xabi Alonso is the best VOLANTE in the World!!
    Brazil needs a player like Xabi Alonso! He’s fantastic!

  7. @brahim121985brahim Barca are a fucking disgrace. They cheated Inter Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea and now Real Madrid. Btw it is UEFA you dumbo

  8. @brahim121985brahim i dont give a shit about Man u and they are shit,barca cheat when its needed not when its a easy match like this ur idiot,u saw u self no contact on Pepe Alves dived like someone raped his mum,so did Busquet.Mourinho said what i hav to be said,he knows barca he is been there he knows them more then any other what ever he said was right,UEFA should have evident that he did nt said a racist thing but they just did nt do anything.Villar is in the UEFA so there is no pro 4 barca

  9. @PoKerFaceN1 EUFA said there was no racism….EUFA punished Mourinho caus he’s a parrot and deserves it, then you will say to me EUFA helps Barca, then i will say to you did you watch the Final, you will maybe say to me (if you hate Manu) that ManU is shit and they were lucky to be in Final, the i will say to you that they won the Premier League (that you believe it’s the best league in the world), then you will say to you’r right (if you have brain), else you don’t have brain

  10. @brahim121985brahim they raped my dick thats what they did , i did rather play like we did in Copa Del ray then winning CL by the scandal at Madrid and last CL it was a scandal at Stanford brig , so you and your team should be a shamed of ur self , cheating and racism is shame to football and shame to the club . Thats shame not losing 5:0 , they deserved the 5:0 and when we hav won 8:2 then i think they are not close to this match 😉

  11. @brahim121985brahim hahahahahahha warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hahahaahhaa ,thats very funny , watch zidanes 2002 goal !!! and watch it agian and agian !! 1000000s more ! dont forget barca are older club aswell .

  12. @PoKerFaceN1 you won 90% of your trohies in Franco era while people are in Wars, where European Champion Clubs’ Cup was played with a very low number of teams, Real Madrid won 5 European Champion Clubs’ Cup in a row in 1956-1960 , that shows that something was wrong that time, now when football is competitif that Real Madrid didn’t even reach the 1/8 since 2002 until 2011. it’s sad that everytime you get raped by Barca, you return to a past that most of people in earth can’t watch TV,

  13. @brahim121985brahim Yeah with 4 CL and 19 La liga ? ohahahahahaha barca have to win 3 times more titels of all titels they have won in all these year then to get to our level .

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