26 thoughts on “Trying to get Martin Skrtel autograph Liverpool FC

  1. THE MARTIN SKRTEL SONG (Helter Skelter)
    When we get to the Anfield
    we will look to the back of the side
    Where we stop and admire
    and we fill up with pride
    Till we get to the bar and then we see you again
    Martin Martin we surely love you
    your big and your strong and no ones above you
    Marty Marty Marty, come on, give us a header
    and you could be a scouser but you ain’t no dancer


  2. agreed, these cunts are just as bad as touts in my book. The other thing is that it spoils it for kids who may walk up to him after these autograph touts have made the player sign 20 pictures and then get blown out because the player can’t be arsed signing more. Out of order, don’t buy signed merch from these vultures.

  3. That guy who was gettin the autographs is a prick- no offence. But he did this wiv rafael benitez and got like 20 signed photos. He has no respect. Skrtels pretty ace though.

  4. Martin is sooo good. What a pity though he left Zenit. What a pair of CB it would be – Skrtel-Lombaerts. One of the best in Europe probably. Anyway, thanx for everything you did for Zenit and Saint-Petersburg. We all love you and wish you good luck in Liverpool. Kick MU’s ass))

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