26 thoughts on “Sammy Lee Leaves Liverpool Football Club

  1. Poor Sammy, when Steve Clarke came in he became “the gooseberry”. Picking up bibs and clapping your hands obviously wasn’t enough. He loves the club and we love Sammy. Good luck for the future Sammy.

  2. Bound to happen really, but was really disgusted to see some of the comments on the article on liverpoolecho.co.uk. Sammy’s dedication can’t ever be questioned, he’s a great man. I do think though with Steve coming in his role has been left a bit redundant. All the best for Sammy YNWA

  3. Sammy Lee was a fantastic player and an excellent coach. I’m an Arsenal fan but I still wish him the best for the future. I wouldn’t say no to Sammy taken Pat Rice’s place as assistant manager at the Emirates.

  4. I knew this would happen, i’ve been saying it for months. as soon as clarke came in, i knew it would only be a matter of time before he took over as assistant manager.

    i am sad to see sammy go, but clarke would be a better choise of Assistant Manager.

  5. No official word yet. I wouldn’t like to see him leave; I’d like to see him in the role I believe he’s most capable of filling, fitness coach. I think he knows fitness and has excelled as a fitness coach in the past.

    I know it’s a step down for someone who’s been a manager at one time, but it would be at a club he loves and he would be doing the work he’s most suited to.

  6. Awk I if he goes itl be sad cause him kenny and clarke make a good team of their own but as you said there aint no official word as of yet so we will see closer the time i guess!

  7. It seemed when everyone was saying how great clarke was he became the forgotten man. We might of needed to give his role to clarke to keep him its hard to know his impact but in my view clarkes the most important

  8. it was a matter of time. i think we are all at a stage where we need the right people at the right job at the moment, for the better of the club and not individuals.

  9. Dont know how to feel, the thing is, other than the manager, its hard to really judge non playing staffs performances. Only the players will really know whether this is a loss or not

  10. well dunc hows things not to bothered about this sammy story dont think it will effect us in anyway. didnt get on the live chat today mate was busy ill catch up 2morro keep up the good work mate

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