25 thoughts on “Sami Hyypia on life in Germany plus we rate Bundesliga fans!

  1. “not a billionaire in sight”
    “and a match for any german club”
    Heh. Well, if you think so. Maybe you should focus on beating Stoke first though, eh? Provided you can still afford go see the matches, having to pay 6% more and such.
    All’s peachy in SKYland.

  2. schalke and dortmund are like liverpool, only difference is that they have 60,000 and 80,000 repectively ,unemployed fans in their stadium instead of 40,000.

  3. I take it you’ve never heard of Arsenal. No debt, free flowing football,new stadium, not a billionaire in sight, and a match for any german club. Get your facts right ! 

  4. Of course the EPL is better but we don’t care.
    We could be as good, we could allow investors and Arab or US owners but we chose NOT to because we like our league the way it is.

    Cheap tickets, terraces, identification!

  5. Hey Groucho your pussy boy faggot players in the Prem wouldn’t last 2 seconds in the Bundesliga. They would need to change their panties every 10 minutes. You are an ignorant fuck. You all get a lot of great players because you have lots of money. Yes you have good fans but most people don’t want to live on your cold wet island island they would rather be in Italy, Spain, Germany or France.

  6. no because its true.
    would ronaldo, rooney, henry, gerrard, torres, fabregas, lampard, drogba,viera, robinho, ferdinand etc go to germany? No, its a direct choice, England Or Spain. theres only 1 team worth anything in that league, Bayern Munich, made up of people like robben & van bommel who flopped in spain. also ribery cant wait to get out , thats been a known fact for the last 2 seasons.

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