25 thoughts on “Rafa’s amazing Fergie rant

  1. cant really take him serious when he sounds like manuel from fawlty towers :S 😀

    ”and we are top of the table, so clearly they are nervous”

    haha……..so u won then u fat waiter? 😀

    U-N-I-T-E-D, UNITED ARE THE TEAM FOR ME, WITH A………u know the rest 😀

  2. it was 3-1.. maybe you should get your facts straight like benitez. besides, it sees rudolf (ferguson) is the one cracking up with his comments today

  3. Champions are teams that can contest for every cup!
    Liverpool are a one cup a year team!
    And even then they cant win any!
    We are champions because even in our bad spell were scrapping victories!

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