25 thoughts on “Rafa Benitez in tears at Hillsborough 22 memorial

  1. first and foremost – Justice for the 96.
    Football nowadays is all about money and no loyalty, but with Rafa it is different. As a Spaniard, Rafa took the club, its people, its values, its history and fully embraced them, in this day and age that is honourable in my opinion. The man is a true Red and irrespective of what happened in his last season he is one of LFC’s best managers, look at the sucsess he bought to LFC, some people have short memories. This is coming from a Spurs fan!

  2. Top man, top manager. internalized the values of the club, quite uniquely in this day and age of mercenary players and managers. And a foreigner to boot. The man obviously bleeds red. Hope to see him back at the helm one day. I just can’t see him manage anywhere else in england. And I know first hand what Liverpool can do to a person. I lived there too. And then you can leave Liverpool, but Liverpool will never leave you.

  3. as a lifelong chelsea boy i have no shame in admitting this moved me to tears, justice for the 96, sign the petition for the loved ones of those that were lost

  4. How dare you tell him to get away from the club? He respected this club, and held it dear to his heart when he really didnt need to. He was foreign but he took Liverpool into his heart like he was born and raised here. That cant be said for many men anywhere. YNWA Rafa Benitez. Once a red, always a red. True legend.

  5. Love Rafa and hope once the King has won the league the next 4 years, Rafa returns to carry on the job those 2 previous american cowboy bastards screwed up!

  6. still a legend and always will be. Even though he left Liverpool it was through them 2 american cunts and just as he got through it the the owners changed, so i feel sorry for him. Rafa loves the club and we love him.
    YNWA – JFT 96

  7. Rafa, Top man, Top manager, True Gentleman, True Kopite and a LIverpool legend! Ur face will be on the Anfield walls forever! I…for one, miss you not being our manager.

  8. wow got a bit emotional watchin this haha, what a legend , i love what this club can do to players anmd managers , they always seem to genuinely mean it when the say, “liverpool will forever be in their heart” or they now support liverpool after they leave for pastures new YNWA

  9. Athough Rafa didn’t always treat his players right (keane alonso cisse aquilani) he was still a great manager, his last season was not is fault, u don’t suddenly become a shite manager, the funds dried up and he was forced to bring in free transfers which is not gonna get him anywhere? they should have gotten new owners before they sacked rafa! he will always be remembered for the good times like istanbul or this video, thats how i will think of him!

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