26 thoughts on “Martin Skrtel is a Liverpool player

  1. yeah…u mean he’s “the shit” lad…yeah he is!…”No lies Pure truth mate “….

    …thats y he marked out n manhandled guys like drogba, zlatan, adebayor 2 name a few…who are considered 2 b “best of the best” in world football…”no lies pure truth kid”

    fuckin IDIOT…which u r….”no lies pure truth kid”…lol

  2. d’t talk shit man! skrtel is undoubtedly ‘the beast’ but agger’s better than him…not only him but any other cb’s in europe when fit!…i’m a skrtel fan tho’!

  3. I simply don’t understand Rafa.. Sktel is quite good but I thing Agger is much better .. We should play with him instead! I still remember his first goal. what a shot 🙂

  4. His Surname is actually very similar to slovak word škrtiť, which means to choke or to throttle:D
    He is a very good defender.

    Slavic pride, World wide!

  5. are you guys blind? this guys ruines every hope liverpool has of winning a premiere league,he loses every ball he actually manages to recieve. he doesnt pass well. and well. he is not solid as a rock he just moves around an invicible 3 meters magical circle he makes before every game. he deserves to go away with ngog and el zhar following him.

  6. THE MARTIN SKRTEL SONG (Helter Skelter)
    When we get to the Anfield
    we will look to the back of the side
    Where we stop and admire
    and we fill up with pride
    Till we get to the bar and then we see you again
    Martin Martin we surely love you
    your big and your strong and no ones above you
    Marty Marty Marty, come on, give us a header
    and you could be a scouser but you ain’t no dancer


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