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  1. One of the worst decision by liverpool fc was let the way for the most best mid in world to leaving liverpool , if xabi was still playing for liverpool to this day we’ll nail the Premier League Champions many times !

  2. @blackghost10sg Why are you getting so heated? Do you see me getting heated? Calm down mate, I’m not trying to wind you up. Rafa offered Hyypia a new contract but Hyypia turned it down cos he knew he’d have a better chance of first team football at Leverkusen. There was nothing malicious in what Rafa did, he didn’t just dump Sami. He wanted to keep him. And how is Hyypia playing first team for Leverkusen relevant to playing for first team Liverpool? Two completely different levels and standards.

  3. @TheSamee fuck that! Hyypia never wanted to be in the 1st team. His contract was to the end and Rafa didin’t want to pay such big money to a 35 years anymore. so Rafa told him that he could look for other chances if he still want to play high level of football. same thing happen to Steve Finnan. you really have no any ideas, don’t you? Rewriting the history? you have no any idea about any of this. by the way. Hyypia played 1st team in Leverkusen for 2 full years. so shut fuck up!

  4. @blackghost10sg Rafa wanted to keep Hyypia but couldn’t guarantee first team football to a 35 year old. Carragher, Skrtel and Agger were all ahead in the pecking order at the time and rightfully so. Sami was great as a backup to fill in now and again but he became a weak point when given a run in the side as teams would target him for his lack of pace. He couldn’t maintain the high line we played with as well as the others. Hyypia wanted to leave, so don’t go rewriting history.

  5. @dangriffiths90 the worst joke decisions Rafa made is sold Robbie keane after 6 months. Keane wasn’t in his best form, but he deserved longer terms. after he left. Torres was injured in the 2nd half of the season. think about it. if we still had keane we might won the league already. Aquilani was also a stupid move. never buy a player after major injury. but overall. Rafa was still pretty good manager for us, just be fair.

  6. @TheSamee Hyypia didn’t want to leave. Rafa told him that he will have no place if he stayed. so he think he still can play and he left. Nobody wants to leave after you stay a place for 10 years, and everybody in the club and all the fans love him. so know your facts.

  7. So gutted when Xabi left for Real. He was my fave player when he was with us and even though I like Barca much more than Real I always wish Xabi the very best in his career.

  8. @dangriffiths90 Alonso was signed for £10m, know your facts. Hyypia wanted to leave and did so on a free, know your facts. Rafa signed Kyrgiakos for £1.5m because that is all the money he was given for a replacement, know your facts. Seriously, I’m not trying to be a dick but know what you’re talking about before you spout off.

  9. @TheSamee we paid 14mil for him and sold for 30, he starts for the world and european champions and 1 of the biggest clubs in the world. rafa made some joke decisions. gets rid of hyypia gets in kyriakos, good move

  10. @LiamOT33 Rafa the Idiot? Rafa bought him for £10m and sold triple that. When Rafa put Xabi on the market Xabi was asking to be the second highest paid player in the squad and had just had a shite season. Liverpool couldn’t afford to give him that big of a contract so they put him on the market. Then Xabi goes and has the best season he’s ever had and then hands in a transfer request. Also there was talk at the time of introducing homegrown rules so Barry would have been the perfect replacement.

  11. Get shot of Lucas n bring Alonso back…even tho lucas has heart…Alonso, mascherano n gerrard made our midfield near enough imperveous! 2008/09 season was quality…shld have won the prem! Fuk united

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