Liverpool Have Now Confirmed That They Will Be “Entertaining Offers” For The All New Kit Deal Which Is Worth £75mplus

The club of Reds has properly worked with the club of New Balance and also with their affiliate company named Warrior since the beginning of the season of 2012/13, after having exclusively wormed the previous since the campaign of 2015/16.

The present deal with renowned American manufacturers is of £45 million, but after seeing an exponential rise in the recent years since both on the field and off the field there is a need to secure an improved and new deal.

Some reports at the end of last year suggested that talks were already going on between New Balance and Liverpool for agreeing to a suitable extension of the current deal which will reflect the growth of the club and will also equalize the income which is obtained by their rivals at domestic level through the kit deals.

Manchester’s deal with well-known Adidas is of £75 million for each of the seasons, which is at present the league record, on the other hand, the likes of Arsenal (i.e. soon to pass £60m) and Chelsea (£60m) will also receive more from their respective deals as compared to Liverpool.

It is, therefore, no surprise that it was claimed that the offer of New Balance will be required to rise by minimum £30 million per year for the club of Reds in order to consider putting the deal on new terms.

And very recently, Moore has also revealed to the famous Arabian Business tycoon that the club is definitely “entertaining offer” from the deal of kit suppliers as they are all set to prepare for the end of this deal in the year 2020. He explained that “It is a very important part of our whole commercial makeup.”

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