25 thoughts on “Liverpool 1978 European Cup

  1. dalglish among the top s players,lol from i hear u say that i know u are not reasoning logically and is thinking emotionally.the players on liverpool were pretty descent,but the current barca players are among the most technically perfect players of all time.even several of the liverpool players that played on their great teams said they couldnt beat this barca side.liverpool had great teams for there era but not in the same league 🙂

  2. they would murder them. souness would do to xavi what he did to that madrid midfielder, scare the shit from him. dalglish is simply amongst the top 5 footballers who have ever lived. add into that, hansen, kennedy, case. barcelona would not stand a chance.

  3. That’s right, and they possibly could have won more if English teams weren’t banned for five years. That really set them, and English soccer back for at least a decade.

  4. Even as a red Manc, got to say fair play to Liverpool winning 4 euro cups in the space of 8 seasons. Probably would have added a few more if not for the ban after 85 as well, equally with my united hat on we would have won it well before 68 but for Munich.

  5. Dalgish wasn’t the best replacement for Keegan, he was a greater replacement! They were just so damned good, and it was this team that Forest stopped in the following competition.

  6. Bruges was very defensive in this game and Dalgish little chip shows how he is so clever he remember wat happened last time when the keeper commited himself so instead of the low shot just a little dink over the top

  7. i have Meet the goalkeeper from club brugge all ready it was made my day and im gettin somthing amazone wen i go bk to brugge and i dont know what im getting in dec

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