Focus on: Steven Gerrard

Born on the 30th May, 1980 in Mersey side, England Steven Gerrard is an English footballer. His current club is Liverpool.  He is usually associated with the center midfielder position, but shows equal talent when put into the second striker and right winger position. He is known for his long strike ability and has also scored quite a number of goals during important crucial matches. Gerrard has had 89 caps to his name all in the name of the England team. He made his debut playing for Anfield in the year 1998. He moved on to becoming the captain for Liverpool in the year 2003. During his captaincy, he managed to put on a great game play bringing about 2 FA Cup wins, 2 League cup wins and UEFA Cup and a UEFA Champions League win.

Steven Gerrard made his international debut in the year 2000 where he represented England for the Euro 2000 and 2004 tournaments. He also represented them at the World Cup of 2006 and as the top goal scorer for his team in that World Cup tournament. His excellent performance has given him the position of the vice captain. He has also shown great potential when he captained the Englan team during the 2010 World cup during the absence of Rio Ferdinand who could not make it due to an injury.

Steven Gerrard is regarded as one of the greatest footballers in history. He has gone a long way to show his great array of skills and talents and has done a lot to ensure that he has risen with the years passing by. The Guardian has named Gerrard in their World’s XI team which is a compilation of some of the best footballers of all time. He has managed to create a huge fan base during his years of play.

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