For the support the fans of the Merseyside club has shown him so far, Robert Firmino has said he would repay them by making sure he wins a silverware for them to celebrate, come next season.

Wednesday night saw the fans of the Liverpool club at the Riverside stadium echo the chant ‘Bobby Firmino’ and the former Hoffenheim man has given them thumbs up for that.

Firmino has been a major agent to Liverpool’s flight to the top of the table, and he has attributed this to the vocal support which the fans have given him, calling it a source of inspiration for him.

The Brazilian attacker says he loves it when the fans call his name. Speaking to the official Liverpool FC Magazine, Firmino said:

“I love hearing the fans calling my name and at the moment they are calling me Bobby Firmino.

“It is exciting when they are shouting your name and singing for you.

“That is a sign that we are doing something well and also a sign that they love what you are contributing for the team and an indicator of their overall support for the team.”

Last season had seen them come quite close to snatching the League Cup and Europa League, but failed to pull through,

However, Firmino is hoping he can go on to secure some glory with the Reds, in form of a trophy or a medal at least.

He also believes Liverpool is doing well and showing some seriously needed strength at the moment, and hopes they can go on to focus their aim more on winning some titles in 2017.

“We are playing to win titles in 2017. That is what we all want for each other, for the fans and for the club,” he added.