Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel – Liverpool FC Future Defensive Barrier

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Martin Skrtel, Liverpool FC Slovakian centre back again. He is the electricity in the Liverpool defense, although Agger is the “brain”. They can be the best centre back pair in the near long term at Liverpool.
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50 thoughts on “Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel – Liverpool FC Future Defensive Barrier

  1. @ravishjaggi yeah should buy another decent defender or bring more experience into either; andre wisdom, danny wilson, daniel sanchez ayala in the coming 2 seasons. they all have great futures ahead of them.

  2. @ravishjaggi subotic is a good defender, but he wont leave borussia dortmund. yes agger has had alot of injuries but lets just hope he gets rid of the injuries and starts shining. skrtel showed in the previous season that he is a really good defender and why he was in the 11 chosen from 2 different managers(hodgson and dalglish). Carra is and always will be the heart of our defense

  3. @liverpool09reidy If Agger is also injured again (I hope he doesn’t) then he will be surely sold next season. Also Skrtel needs a presence & instructions of Carragher to operate as a decent defender. Without Carra he is shit. I ersonally want atleast one proper Defender like Neven Subotic to be signed.

  4. @ravishjaggi dude its liverpools future defensive partnership right now it has been carragher+skrtel or carragher+agger. but in 3 or 4 years they’ll (if still at the club hopefully) be there central defence pair! YNWA skrtel and agger

  5. I will never forget the goal DA scored against CFC and how the first floor of the pub was silent while the second was… well a lot higher than 3 meters! YNWA

  6. @DaggerinHeartYNWA Agger’s persisting injuries are a real worry. He needed to be sold. Skrtel is also not a top defender with his silly fouls. Sick of bloody average team. No work is done on the basis of priority. Left-wing & left-back are priorities but no solution for past 3 years. If Downing is brought,I would be so pissed-off with kenny.

  7. at 0:35 he should be winning that first time tbh. i like skrtel but big sammi, carra, soto and probably agger would’ve heaeded that towards the half way line (big sammi probs would’ve got it there)

  8. @YeIaWoIf

    Yes…Vidic is one of the best CBs in the world, only a fool would disagree.
    Anyway I didn’t say I want Vidic I said someone LIKE Vidic…LFC really needs that, especially since Carragher is on the way out.

  9. @YeIaWoIf

    and he also can’t defend for shit and has given away most of our goals this season. I don’t care if you like the way he looks he is a useless player, please try to sound intelligent.

  10. @Bucketheadhead

    kyrgiakos is a fuckin muscled down moron beast who heads the shit out of the ball, then skrtel cleans up his shit for him, i think its kinda fun to watch his 6 foot 5 big greek ass run around and do god knows what, so ya hes got my fuckin vote………….crazy ass greek muhh fuggas

  11. @YeIaWoIf

    kyrgiakos? are you having a bubble mate? he needs to go right now, skretel is alright, has gone downhill this season so much. Need a new world class CB like Vidic or Stam, someone like that

  12. @NbG8Luka … his ability to outmuscle the best physical specimen (Drogba, Zlatan, Kevin Davies, Zamora) in world football further proves he’s one of the toughest and fearful CBs to play against. But I guess football is not only about physical strength because it would have made Skrtel the winner 🙂
    At the end of the day the only thing that matters is “who’s better ?”… And I guess right now Vidic’s a better defender than Skrtel

  13. @NbG8Luka read my comment well, the only reason i call vidic a pussy is because in big matches against big players he uses dirty tactics like shirt pulling or elbowing to stop his opponents rather than using body strength ! I can’t remember when he did get the better of a Torres, Drogba, Gerrard… in simple words he’s a big match flop ! Vidic is a strong but not powerful like Skrtel. When talking about strength in abundance Skrtel has it…

  14. I am a Liverpool fan, and i can assure you Skrtel is not the best defender in Liverpool, Agger is, Skrtel should even be in the starting 11, Carra and Agger will be, you’ve already seen with King Kenny that he prefers Agger much mroe than Skrtel who is sometimes so bad he is a liability

  15. @LiverpoolMediaRobin not everyone i guess…but comparing agger and skrtel is difficult since they are two totally different types of defenders. agger is more offensive and tactical than skrtel, skrtel is stronger than most defenders in the premier league and can hold off strong forwards like carew and rooney. i like both of them but liverpool need a CARRAGHER back there.

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