Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that Steven Gerrard is a player who can keep on playing for Liverpool for many years to come. Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was speaking on the occasion of awarding Steven Gerrard a new contract.

The terms of this new contract, including the length of the contract, has not been revealed by Liverpool. However, it is thought to be a contract that will make Steven Gerrard one among the top earners in the Premier League. Kenny Dalglish has drawn comparisons with Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes for saying that Steven Gerrard is very well capable of playing for the next five years with Liverpool.

Steven Gerrard will be turning 32 in may and there have been speculation is that he is coming towards the end of his career. The England international, who is currently the international player with the most number of international caps at Liverpool, has suffered a number of injuries over the last season and half, which has prompted speculation from various quarters that Steven Gerrard may not be around for long. Players were much older than Steven Gerrard like Frank Lampard, for example, continued to the present Chelsea at the highest level without any major injury problems. Steven Gerrard, unlike these players, has been suffering hamstring and groin injuries on a frequent basis in recent years.

“You have to wait and see how they get through injuries. Ryan Giggs is 38, isn’t he? That’s seven years down the line – that’s a long time to predict – but if he’s fit there’s no reason why not. I’ve not got a crystal ball,” Kenny Dalglish said after Steven Gerrard signed a new deal. Gerrard came extremely close to leaving Liverpool back in 2005 when he was tempted towards the unstoppable Chelsea, but decided to stay at Liverpool.

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