24 thoughts on “5 years of Rafa Benitez at Liverpool

  1. 6 years ago, Rafa Benitez was busy lifting Liverpool’s fifth European Cup in his debut season with quite possibly the weakest squad ever to have won the competition. On paper, the likes of Jerzy Dudek, Djimi Traore and Vladimir Smicer should never have caused the likes of Paulo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo and Andriy Shevchenko any problems in Istanbul that night.

  2. good video man 🙂 pisses me off the liverpool fans that slag him off nowadays, forgetting what the man achieved just because of one poor season when the whole club was in turmoil :/ YNWA RAFA!

  3. @masterjb1 yup he would of done.. but they didn’t start changing the rules till 1999.
    and i think we were knocked out by PSG or something in evans last season 1997-1998 in the semi’s or quarter’s, i know he was with houllier at the start of 1998-1999 but i consider 97-98 as his last, as he was in sole charge not joint.

  4. @Unknown1892 yes it was. The post I was replying to reckons Rafa took Liverpool from consistent Champions League Football to Uefa cup (The depths of European football). When in fact as you point out under Houllier, Evans* and Souness we were in the uefa cup every other season.

    *It must by pointed out that Roy Evans under the current system would have qualified every year for the Champions League. Although once in Europe we tended to be turned over by some French team.

  5. @masterjb1 is the last part of comment sarcastic towards the guy your replying to? just asking because liverpool were in the uefa cup under all 3 of those managers.

  6. @dinger454, thats right before Rafa came, under Houllier, Evans and Souness, we all remember Liverpool getting to the latter stages of the European Cup most seasons, thrashing Real Madrid and Man Utd and winning at the San Siro, Nou Camp and Bernabeu. Liverpool were never ever in the Uefa cup before Rafa.

  7. i love the description of this clip, it was obviously the kiss of death for LFC. rafa won the champions league with someone elses team and then took them on a downward spiral to depths of european football. Now he will do the same at Inter. Go fat Spanish waiter go

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